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The first phase of our Clean Water Saves Lives campaign raised $3,178 for projects. Thank you to our parishioners and friends who donated during October and November.

Now we all have the opportunity to invite our friends and family to donate. They can find  our St. Thomas à Becket fundraiser page on the website.

Find St. Thomas à Becket’s new fundraising page by:

  1. Clicking on this URL —— to go directly to St. Thomas  à Becket’s fundraising page.
  1. Using Google’s search function. Use these key words: “St. Thomas Fundraiser.” When you receive the list of fundraisers, scroll down until you see the round St. Thomas stained-glass window. Click on our window, and follow directions from there.

If you’re on Facebook, share our  St. Thomas/ page with your Facebook friends.

Ditto for Twitter.

We all are urged to learn more about the continuing water crisis. Please read materials prepared by the church’s Outreach Committee and visit the website.Then, share your knowledge.

Most families in this world do not have access to safe water and sanitation. So, every minute another child dies from an illness related to dirty water. That’s why our campaign is so vital. We are helping provide safe water and sanitation to families. Our donations are saving lives.

Given the passing of the Resolution that encourages participation in partnering with the Colombian Diocese, we will select a parish or mission to partner with.  We have committed at least $100 per year to a selected parish.  In addition to monetary contributions, we look forward to working with Sunday School in fostering relationships between our children and the children in that parish.  Stay tuned for more information.